Coming Soon….

I am in the process of writing up a juicy blog about all the fun things in store for Storybook Homes over the next 4-5 months, but wanted to pause just a second to get the news out that Sister is going back on the market sometime really soon….. just waiting for the frost threats to go away so I can put some flowers in the dirt before I stick the sign in the yard.
If you remember, we attempted to sell her last year during the Caldwell renovation as an insurance policy that we would not go bankrupt with two large house payments if Caldwell failed to sell. But before we even finished the Caldwell renovation we ended up taking Sister off the market because 1) it was just too much trying to keep her show ready while living at the Caldwell project and 2) Quite honestly, it hurt my feelings when no one wanted my baby in the first few weeks she was listed. I know, I know…. that’s ridiculous, BUT when you personify your house and treat it like your 3rd child you kinda take it personally. It was like that feeling you get when your kid is chosen last on the playground or doesn’t get asked to the prom. I mean, Really?!?! Can’t these people see how special she is?!?! 
BUT this year I am ready. I have worked on detaching myself emotionally from Sister this house and have prepared myself that she it might not sell for a while- and that is ok. I get the fact that our home might not be the perfect fit for every family. I do, I REALLY do. BUT just in case you are new to the blog (the blog coincidentally named two-story sister… after this house…but whatever….no biggie, it’s just a house) and happen to be in the market for a nice family home I thought I would give you a little sneak peak of Sister before she is presented to the world on Zillow in a few days. This tour will highlight the before and afters of some Sister’s biggest makeovers. 

Exterior- bye bye Colonial, hello farmhouse.

 You can read about the exterior transformation here.
 I blogged about the kitchen here and here.
Office: Sorry for the terrible before pic, this is all I could find. The office was renovated at the same time as the Kitchen. 

Dining Room- no links

Bedroom: Reno occurred before the blog.

Master Bedroom: No blog post for this one, which is a shame because Rory and I did all the board and batten.

Master Bathroom- now this is a fun renovation read. Click here.

Playroom- Kickin myself for no before pics or blog on this one. It got quite a makeover. 

Living Room: This weekend project was one of my favorite Valentine presents. Click here.

Oh my, those pictures brought back memories, not to mention all the pictures of my boys growing up in this home that I just weeded thru to find some of the before pictures. I may have shed a few tears. It truly has been a great family home for us.

PS. I am also going to be practicing my Instagramming by posting lots of pictures of Sister over the next couple of days leading up to her listing. So if your not following on Instagram, you might want to check it out @ storybookrenovations.
Have a great week!

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