Donaghey Before and After

I’m so excited to report that it looks like our 1117 Donaghey Project is going to have a happy ending. The most precious young family has her under contract and are set to close in the next couple of weeks. So the last thing I need to do to officially close this chapter of Storybook homes is to document a few before and afters. So here we go……
Starting outside…. 

And my idea to help move her out of the trailer park?

Here is Pepe’s crew making the dream a reality.

And a few more “during transformation” pics.

 And here is the finished product:

Big thanks to Tommy of TPA metalworks for patiently working with me to design the modern metal railing that wasn’t “too tall” or “too short” and to Martin and his team for the brickwork. Oh! and B&B Siding and Windows for the board and batten and new facia and soffits.  

Can I just say, end of winter is NOT a fun time for landscaping! Landscaping is usually one of my favorite milestones in the renovation process.  I am always amazed how a few plants and sod can clean up and breathe life into a home….. but not this one.  Now, this is no fault of Travis, he did a great job, as always. It’s just plants are kinda dead looking and ugly right now and grass is brown. When I ordered red azaleas to surround the perimeter of the cottage, I was prepared for the flowers to not be in bloom yet but I was still anticipating a bright, green, happy foliage that would pop off the dark skirt of the house; so when Travis unloaded these I was less than thrilled. BUT I have been assured that the “happy” green will arrive with Spring, so I will look forward to driving by her in the coming months. I did go ahead and have Travis add in the daffodils just to cheer up the beds in the meantime. Despite the plants, I am thrilled with how the exterior turned out.  
Let’s move inside.
When you walked in thru the front door this was how she looked before…

And after we knocked down a few walls…

And the living room now:
Here she is all dolled up for the Open House, courtesy of Waterhouse Market.

I usually like to save the best for last but since it is peaking out from behind the rooster in the above pic, I’ll go ahead and debut the kitchen/dining area next.
Here is the dining and kitchen before:

Here is an action shot of Rory and I framing up the Range nook.
I seriously don’t know how this house would have been completed if I hadn’t been there to hold that stud in place. I should mention, that range nook project was supposed to be part of my Dad and I’s WWYWWW project for this house but that week Harrison was expecting ice so he had to leave early. But he does get credit for helping me install the reclaimed pine shiplap feature wall in the kitchen.  (Wood reclaimed from ceiling runners found during demolition.) After Dad left, Rory was happy to have an opportunity to use the framing gun, and we knocked that project out in record time.
And here is what that space looks like now:

That blue and white tile makes me SMILE every time I see it! And this picture shows some of the custom art Redeemed Home Goods brought to the Open House to perfectly illustrate the story. And once again Jeff Perry did a fabulous job on the construction of all the cabinetry in the home. The hutch was a crowd favorite at the open house.

I’d like to point out 2 things in the next picture:

First, let’s take a second to reflect on my “Open House Outfit”. Guys, you need to know I am clueless when it comes to fashion. The ONLY time I go clothes shopping is before an open house. I try to find an outfit that compliments each story. For example:
Bruce Street Bohemian- Torn jeans, oversized baggy sweater, wavy hair with loose braids.

Caldwell Manor- Purpleish Flapper Dress

Donaghey Irish Sheepfarm- Plaid shirt reminiscent of an Irish kilt.

(As I type the fact that I dress myself to match my house, it is just now occurring to me how dorky of a practice this is…… not that this realization is going to stop me…… I’m just proud that I recognized it.)
Anyways…. When I was thinking about this Open House I knew I wanted to wear something “sweet” to reflect the “Sherry Style” of the story so I thought of this pink dress I had hanging in the back of my closet. Unfortunately, I did not try it on until the day of the Open House. Had I done a trial run on this outfit I would have realized I looked more like a stewardess than “sweet.” But alas 2 hours before Open House on a Sunday…. I just went with it. 
But more importantly (and relevant) I want you to take a look at that island in the picture.  (I’ll give you a second to scroll back up to look…..) That island was constructed by Rory and me just 3 days prior to the Open House. You see, I had originally purchased a metal cart for the space but when I unpackaged it I realized it had all sorts of dings. 

Plus, the real-life version of the cart did not live up to what I had envisioned for the space. So with a final punch list a mile long, I set off to find a substitution. I shopped every antique and flea market around town looking for something that would fit the space. I finally found some antique spindles at The Peddler and convinced Rory to help me build this island after dinner. 

The next day Donna Benton picked er up and worked her magic mixing the perfect concoction of stain to match the new wood to the old spindles. The new island was delivered to the space just in the nick of time and to me it looks like it was meant to be there all along.

And here is the new dining space:

Ok, let’s move on to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
The 2 kid bedrooms simply got new sheetrock, paint, fans, trim and refinished hardwood floors.


The master bedroom received the same treatment along with new hardwood floors and cute staging by Waterhouse Market and Redeemed Home Goods.
When we purchased the home it had 1 bathroom and this was it:

Here is that bathroom now:

During the renovation we stole some space from the existing house to add a master bathroom and closet here is the result:
So there she is! I am so pleased with how she turned out AND in record time with ZERO tears!
In addition to the talented people I have already mentioned I want to add the following people to the list of credits:
Electrician: Donaco Electric
Plumber: Robert Shearer
HVAC: Maulding Heat and Air
Tile: David and Alex
Hardwood Floors: All Wood Floors
Countertops: Countertop World
Painting: Nicks Painting
Extra Helpers: Cole and Reese

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