1117 Donaghey

Hey Friends! I wanted to take just a little web space to introduce you to our next project. 1117 Donaghey.

There she is. If you’re like me you have passed by this jewel 100 times and never noticed her. She is just a block to the left of Ida Burns Elementary on the corner of Donaghey and Weems and has been sitting there since 1957.
We officially kicked off her makeover on January 2nd, and so far she has been a dream to work on. In the 3 weeks we have had our hands on her we have just about completed all the demo, framing, rewiring, and repiping, not to mention the changes that have already occurred on the exterior. Things are moving so fast I thought I’d better hurry and get the “before” pictures posted or I’d look up and it would be time to post the “afters.” So without any further delay, let’s start our prerenovation tour:
When you walk thru the front door you enter into a nice size living room.

Kicking myself for not getting a picture from the other side of the living room.  Here is a slightly different angle…. but still pitiful.

Behind that arch is the dining area. 

Oh!!! And if you look back thru the arch of the dining room you can see the other angle of the Living Room!

Then on the other side of that pass thru you will find the kitchen:

Not much to look at folks. 

Behind the kitchen is the laundry area and back door:

Now on to the bedrooms.
Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2.

And the master bedroom.

We designated this one as the master bedroom because it has a really large closet.

The plan is to borrow a little more space from the current bedroom and convert this large closet into a master bathroom because currently this home just has 1 bathroom…. and it looks like this…

And that’s it! 
So excited about the direction this little house is going. She has a sweet story that is unique to any of our past projects and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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