Bruce Style

We are really really close to wrapping up our Bruce St project. So close, in fact, that I think it’s time to give you a little clue into the design story of the house.  You ready?!?! HE (normally my projects are shes but this one is a definite he) has industrial bones with a Bohemian personality. How fun is that! Yep, I totally want to be friends with the protagonist of this story, he’s just the coolest. I can’t wait to introduce you to him in just a few days.
The industrial side of this home will first be evident from the curb and is subtly carried throughout the inside. We love industrial, in fact, it is Rory’s favorite style but I gotta tell ya it is the Bohemian side of this home that has captured my heart. I mean, you just try not to be in a good mood when you see it. Even if you don’t like it, I still think it will make you smile. 
You know what makes me smile? My WWYWWW (Work With Yo Wittle Woman Wednesday) project with my Dad- gosh I love that he is always willing to come to town to help me.  Bruce’s Father/Daughter project brought the first Bohemian touches to the project and it came, once again, in the form of a feature wall. Here’s the before:

And here’s Dad hard at work, and me hardly working taking his picture.

This was what the wall looked like when Dad left:

All together it took us about 16-17 hours over a two day period.  Take a second to think about that… how much would that have cost if I had to pay someone to do it???? I’m not sure, but I’m quite confident it would be outside our budget. Consider that wall our gift to the new homeowner. Anyways… most of me loved the finished product, but I could not get a peace about the diamonds- they haunted me, I literally had a nightmare about them. So the next day, after dad went home, I removed the diamonds and Rory helped me renovate the design. 

 I kinda dig the wood on white look BUT that is not its final destiny. Can’t wait to show you.

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