Bruce Demolation

Demo at Bruce Street was relatively easy. In fact, we had most of the demo wrapped up before we finished the Caldwell project. Some areas required very little demolition but the kitchen and bathroom received complete gut jobs.

This house is on a slab which in some regards is refreshing BUT it did make running new plumbing lines a bit more challenging.  Because I wanted to relocate the kitchen sink we had to jackhammer the concrete foundation to connect the new line to the old sewer line.

We also brought plumbing to the old bowling alley to give this house a proper master suite, thus taking this 1 bathroom home to a 2 full bath house.

After the demo was complete we brought in the framers to
1) attach the existing carport laundry area to the house to create a laundry/mud/office space.

2.) Framed in the old kitchen window and gave the window above the existing bathtub a new home in the office nook.

3) Ran some beams to open up the kitchen to the Living/Dining room.
Here’s a side-by-side before and after view of the space so you can get better perspective:
4) Framed in the new master bathroom and closet.
Kickin myself right now for forgetting to take pictures of the framed in new master bathroom.
After framing was complete our electrician and plumber went to work followed by drywall. And then the real fun began…..

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