The countdowns on!

We are just 5 short weeks away from being DONE with the Manor! Yep, I’m claiming it. September 1 is the target date. Soooooo much has to happen and happen right for us to hit that date BUT if you believe it you can achieve it!…… Right?!?!  I can’t wait to share the Caldwell story with you, just waiting to illustrate with after pics before I publish.
It has come to my attention that there might be a little confusion as to our intentions for the Manor. I know I mentioned that we might move into Caldwell BUT that is, and has always been, our backup plan- a plan B IF we are unable to sell her. But believe me, our intention, hope, and number 1 goal is to find a new home owner for Caldwell.
Sooooo with that being said, Rory says it’s time we start actively looking for a new home owner again. I say “again” because we did attempt a presale at the beginning of the project but it quickly became evident that the pre-renovation state of the house was scaring away any potential buyers. It was just too rough to expect someone to catch the vision we had for the place. I kid you not, every single tour we gave ended with some version of “gosh, ya’ll sure are brave.” So we yanked the “for sale” sign and eventually made the decision to go forward with the renovation sans buyer and wait to fire up the sale again once the house was no longer scary. Well, folks, that time has finally come.
Personally, I’m torn. Most of me would prefer to wait until the house is completely finished and the story is published before we begin the search for a new home owner, but I suppose there might be a few advantages to finding a buyer now….. like the peace of mind knowing we won’t be paying 2 mortgages- ah, yes that would be nice.

You know what would really help me sort my feelings out on this prefinished listing idea? A good old fashion pros and cons list! And because I know reading someone else’s pros/cons list might not make for the most interesting read, I will sprinkle in some pictures of the new deck the fabulous Richard Kendrick of Kendrick Fencing just completed at the Manor for your viewing pleasure.

Here we go:
Pros and Cons of trying to sell the Caldwell Manor before she is complete.
by Niki Thompson
Con: The house is not done. Although I really don’t think it’s scary anymore, the house still requires a bit of an imagination to see its full potential.
Pro: The house is not done.  There are still a few design decisions I need to make that could affect the final price of the house that I would LOVE the future home owner to weigh in on.
Before Deck off of Master Suite
Con: But what if the new home owner has opinions about other design elements!!!!! What if they don’t agree with my vision for the space and want me to make ch ch ch changes. Oh dear, you guys know how I feel about control. Breathe Niki, Just Breathe.
Which brings me to my next Con: I REALLLLLLY don’t want to reveal the final design plan or finishes until it’s done. I just don’t. I LIVE for the surprise. But I’m pretty sure most potential buyers want to see the inside of a house before they commit to purchase. Right?!?!

After Master Suite Deck: Still needs stain and a few embellishments but won’t that be a nice spot for your morning coffee?!

However, If I did find a buyer in the next couple of weeks who was willing to not visit the manor again until it is completely finished, then I could do an official Fixer Upper style REVEAL!!!!

PRO! PRO! PRO! I almost love a reveal day more than I hate giving up control.
Before Back Decks: There was a small deck off the laundry room and a slightly larger deck off the kitchen/hearth area with a loooooong wheelchair ramp.

Plus!!! If I found a buyer BEFORE the open house then the new home owner would have an opportunity to shop the fabulous furniture and accessories that Waterhouse Market has been cooking up for the past couple of months to help illustrate the story of the house! And the art by Redeemed Home Goods (note to self- must set up a meeting with Sarah to discuss art). Score a Pro for the new home owner!!!

But what if the new home owner didn’t want me to host a community wide open house in his/her new house?!??  That would be a major deal breaker size CON. I’m feeling kinda sick even thinking about the possibility. Next to reveal day, open house day is my favorite! The kind words and encouragement we have received at our past open houses are truly what fuels the drive and excitement for future projects and makes all the blood, sweat, and tears from the past months of renovation 100% worth it. 
And After! Men, this one’s for you! Look at the size of that thing. Perfect for BBQs. And Ladies, those built in flower boxes are for you.

Of course, another advantage of selling Caldwell early is we could take Sister off the market. Yep, she has yet to find a new family. I don’t know, maybe it’s kinda like how every mother believes their baby is the most beautiful in the world, but I just thought someone would have snatched her up by now. But no. So we wait, and have faith that God is preparing the perfect family for our home…. and we are content knowing that perfect family just might be us.  But just in case you think you might be a good fit for Sister we are hosting another open house this Sunday from 2pm-4pm (turns out a rainy Fathers Day does not make for the best Open House date)

Not really sure if the pros or cons won out; but the bottom line is Rory says to start the official hunt for a new home owner and since he is head of this house, that is what we will do. I’m going to hold off on the official Zillow listing until she is completely done but consider this your official invitation to call and schedule a tour if you think the Caldwell Manor could be a good fit for your family.

Here are a few pertinent stats:

  • 3600 sq feet
  • almost 1/2 acre 
  • 3 or 4 large bedrooms (2 upstairs, 1 or 2 downstairs)
  • 3 full baths 
  • Formal Living Room 
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen/Keeping Room
  • Library
  • Bonus Space upstairs.  

All the other details you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for someone to build a quality deck who isn’t satisfied until your 100% satisfied and whose word is as firm as his handshake then Richard Kendrick is your man.

One thought on “The countdowns on!

  1. Tim says:

    I live on Caldwell St (love what you're doing to the house down the road) and was wondering if you could email me Richard's number? I'm looking to have the railing and posts replaced on our front porch.


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