Too much free time.

tick. tock. tick. tock.
Guys I’m going a little nutso not having a project to work on! I do not do well with stillness. Thank goodness last week was the annual Ranch Hands Gal Corral where I was able to exert a little bit of creative energy toward helping my fellow Ranch Hands convert First Baptist Church’s gymnasium into an old-timey movie theater.
Also, last week we (as in the tree company- I was nowhere near the job) took down the ivy infested tree and guess what we found?!?!  There was a HOUSE behind the tree!
Ta-dah! Don’t worry the Magnolia is still there. Her skirt did get a little lifted but she is still standing high and mighty.
That was all last week; this week I am back to pacing the floors. Sooooo, I have decided to use my currently unoccupied renovating brain space to think up a plan to convince Rory that we should go ahead and go forward with the Caldwell renovation without a buyer- all while making him believe it is his idea. Here is what I have come up with so far:
1. I could go all “Field of Dreams” on him. After he falls asleep at night, gently whisper in his ear “If we build it they will come” in a British accent. The British accent is critical to the success of the plan to ensure that he associates the subliminal message with the English Manor; otherwise, I fear, we might end up with a baseball field in our back yard. The only problem is when I practice whispering the message it comes out more like a cross between the Lucky Charms Leprechaun and a Pirate instead of British. So I’m a little nervous about what we might end up with.
2. I could offer to cash in all my Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts for the next 50 years in exchange for the project.  My hope is that such a grand and selfless gesture will so demonstrate my extreme love and devotion to the project that Rory will be like “Oh Babe, you must REALLY want to go forward with this renovation that you would sacrifice all your gifts for the next 50 years. I can not bare to punish such love and devotion with no gifts.  Not only are we going to get started on the renovation this minute here is a gift just for being so thoughtful and selfless.”  
3. Or I could convince him that WE should move into Caldwell! Or, at the very least, list our house at the same time as we list Caldwell and see which one sells first. I think this makes the most financial sense. And oh my goodness, I would LOVE to live at the Manor! I think I’ll lead with this plan.
In all seriousness, this decision to wait or move forward with the renovation is a BIG one and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this matter. AND while you’re on the subject of Caldwell, if you don’t mind lifting up our upcoming design review meeting with the historic district commission next week! I feel like our proposed changes are very respectful and historically appropriate but until we get the thumbs up from the board we couldn’t continue with the renovation even if we were ready. So there’s that.  
Thanks for checking in! Hope to know more next time we visit.

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