This Sunday, March 12th, from 2pm-4pm is the Donaghey Project Open House! “Why have an open house when the house is already under contract?” you ask. Well, #1 it’s always prudent to take back-up offers; but #mainly because it’s the time set aside to let my talented staging team shine and sell their wares. I’m telling ya, Waterhouse Market, 33 Vintage, and Redeemed Home Goods knocked it out of the park! They took my crazy World War 1, Irish sheep farm love story and subtly illustrated the story beautifully. I smile every time I walk thru the door. I hope you will too.  
Before I give you a sneak peak of just a few items that will be for sale tomorrow, let’s talk about parking. Um… yeah…. I really don’t have a great solution for ya. I did call Patty Cakes today and they very graciously said our guests are welcome to park in their parking lot and on the road but please be mindful of the construction area and PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THEIR GRASS! (That’s me yelling NOT Patty Cakes- they were very sweet- ha ha I didn’t even plan that pun). Laural Park is also another option. I’m afraid all options will require a little walking- so strap on your fitbit and bundle up. But once you get inside I’ll have the heater blowing, refreshments to replenish your energy, and all these goodies (and more) await….

And of course, Rory and I will be hanging out ready to talk to you about our next project. The story is already started it’s just waiting for the perfect new homeowner to help dictate the details. As you look around the Donaghey Project just know it started out in worse shape than Caldwell sits now.

See you soon!!!

2 thoughts on “OPEN HOUSE

  1. Brenda Lenderman says:

    As usual, you have taken a tired old house and made it the shining light of its neighborhood. Your dad and I continue to be amazed that our daughter has this amazing talent because, as you know, we don't. Your dad would love to be there to guard all the sweets but . . .


  2. Meghan McClain says:

    What exterior colors did you use? They're lovely, and the perfect tones! I've been searching for the perfect Greige/Putty/white/happy/clean colors and as you know all too well I'm sure-it ain't easy. Sob. But high five to you!


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