Donaghey Reveal

Buckle in, I’ve got a lot to tell ya and a lot to show you.  But first…..
Ta dah!!!!

Rehome is now STORYBOOK HOMES!! Man oh man, did I struggle with this name change but in the end I let the people speak, and the people wanted Storybook Homes, so Storybook it is. I’ve gotta admit, I’m not in love with it yet BUT I’m sure it will grow on me.  I do think the simple black and white logo is somewhat rehome-esk so that is helping with the transition. You know what would also really really help?!!? If you would go like my lonely little storybook renovations FB page. It’s not too cute yet, but I did transfer all my blog posts to the new page so you wouldn’t feel completely lost. I also have attempted to start a storybook renovations Instagram. Honestly, I don’t really understand how Instagram works, so I’m not sure I’m doing it right, but I’ve got some pictures posted from the Donaghey project and I added in some hashtags so hopefully my little contribution fits right in. #storybookrenovations #storybookhomeswasalreadytaken
Ok, enough about that. Here comes what you really want. Pictures!!! And to reward those that immediately went right over to “like” my new FB page, I’m not even going to make you read thru a typical loooong wordy narration.  I’m just going to throw out a bunch of before and after pictures for ya.  So here goes…

Donaghey Before Exterior:

Exterior During Renovations:

And Donaghey Now:

Living Room Before:

Living Room During Renovations:

Living Room Now:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen During:

Kitchen Now:

Bedrooms Before:

Bedrooms During:

Bedrooms Now:

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom During Renovation:

Bathroom Now:

Hvac Closet Before:

Office Nook Now:
Laundry Area Before:

Mudroom/Laundry During Renovations:
Mudroom Now:

Master Bedroom- there was no before:

Master During Renovations:

Master Now:

Master Bath Now:

Whatcha think???  Was it worth the almost 7 month wait?
Now before you get back to your real life, I want to thank just a few people AND make a HUGE announcement:
First the thank yous: You know, apart from the ideas, I can take little credit for how these projects turn out.  The guys that do the work deserve all the credit. I’m not going to list all of them here BUT I have extended an invitation to as many as I could remember, to plant their sign in our “victory garden” that will be displayed at this Sunday’s OPEN HOUSE. So make sure to visit the backyard garden during the open house to get some great names for your next home improvement project. 
And of course, I want to thank my main man, Rory. He does not have a yard sign to plant but he spent many a Wednesday working on this project knocking out tedious tasks that weren’t the most glamorous but had to get done. Without his support of this business, there would be no Storybook Homes.  
I also want to give a special shout out to our staging team: Donna Benton of Waterhouse Market, Joey Benton of Thirty-Three Vintage and Sarah Henry of Redeemed Home Goods, and the world’s greatest sidekick and assistant- Emily
Not only did Donna and Joey deck this house out with one-of-a-kind finds to help bring life to the Donaghey story, Joey is responsible for hand crafting some of my absolute favorite items in this house: the kitchen lights, the kitchen table/island, and the master bath mirror. Oh! And that office nook- that was Joey’s brain child and special project. I tell ya, if I had an idea these two had a way to make it happen throughout this project. I’m so, so grateful for their enthusiasm and passion for helping take this project to the next level. Plus, when you get the Bentons, 9 out of 10 times that means you also get their assistant Emily. Bonus!
And then there is Sarah. Sweet Sarah illustrated the Donaghey Story beautifully and creatively with her abstract sheep art and Irish Blessings. She also helped bring a personal touch to the home for the new homeowner with silhouettes of his two dogs. I can’t wait for you to see the cute pieces she has prepared special for this Sunday’s Open House.  
Here comes the HUGE announcement: 
Not only will you be able to shop the art and home furnishings of those talented bathers at this Sunday’s Open House from 2pm-4pm you will also be able to visit with Rory and I about our next Storybook home! That’s right, work has already started on our next project and it’s a big one! I’m talking 3500 sq feet big.  
She may be overgrown and falling apart but oh does 1917 Caldwell have a story to tell! If you would like to join us in this next chapter of Storybook Homes we would love to visit with you!  
See you Sunday!

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