Please help!

I need your help. I told you at the beginning of the year that I had a goal to re logo rehome by the end of our Donaghey project, and well, the end is just 2 short weeks away, so I thought I better get on it. I have gone back and forth on my decision to simply redesign the rehome logo or rename the business altogether. On the one hand, a quick google search reveals just how unoriginal the name “rehome” is. Type in “Rehome” and you could be looking at anything from a home improvement loan, to a cat shelter, to an estate sale business right here in Arkansas. But, on the other hand, I feel like our “rehome” is just finally gaining name recognition and I fear that renaming will set us a giant step back.
In the end, I ran my dilemma thru the decision maker trifecta of prayer, wise counsel, and google and came to the conclusion that it was time to rename. Google convinced me that it would not be detrimental to rename, in fact, Google didn’t hit it big until after it went thru its own name change from “backrub”. Wise council agreed “rehome” was too generic and advised that we should change now rather than later.  And prayer gave me a peace that renaming was the right decision.
Moment of silence as we prepare to say goodbye to rehome …………………

sniff. sniff.

So with that decision made, now comes the hard part. What to Name the business???

You already know I received my formal design training thru HGTV, but what you might not know is all my business know-how has come from watching Shark Tank and CNBCs “The Profit”. Although neither the sharks nor the profit speaks directly of naming your business, I have learned that a successful business focuses on people, process, and product; therefore, we (Rory and I) decided to start here when brainstorming names. We ruled out the “people” portion of the equation pretty quickly because neither of us wanted our name on the business. So, that left us wading thru our process and product to find the perfect name.
Our brainstorming session concluded that while we are very proud of the homes we have helped deliver into our community we feel that it is the actual process that gets us to the final product that makes our projects unique and therefore should be what is reflected in the name.
I’m almost to the part where I ask for your help, but first, let me briefly explain our process so you can understand from where we are coming. Basically, the entire design and layout of the home comes from the story the house tells me when I first walk thru its door. There is something about every home we have had the honor to rehab that speaks to me and tells me its design destiny. I know, I know, I’m rolling my own eyes as I read back over what I just wrote, but it’s true. Sometimes the story is as simple as this house was meant for ocean front property but somehow landed on a corner lot in old town Conway and other times the story is much more complex and evolves throughout the rehab. Often the story not only involves the house but also the imaginary future homeowners. (I tell you these things so you can feel better about your own mental status.) I truly believe it is the story and my obligation to tell it that brings the unique touches to each home.  
For the record: The houses do not speak to Rory. He is 100% of sound mind. The fact that he has partnered with someone who operates in a fantasy world does not show a lapse in judgment but rather is a product of 17 years of marriage.  
Soooo with all that in mind, we have come up with 3 ideas that we would so appreciate your thoughts and opinions.  I’m not married to any of the logos but wanted to give you a temporary visual to go with each name.  

First up is Storybook Homes.

What I like:  I like that the name is simple and somewhat self-explanatory. It speaks to the process and I think it helps explain the product.
What I don’t like: It sounds a little juvenile. I fear that when someone hears the name, storybook homes, Hansel and Gretel’s confectionery cottage or Cinderellas Castle will be the knee jerk visual that comes to mind.   

Next we have Sequel Homes

Or Home- The Sequel.

What I like: Again, I like that the name fits the nature of our business. Because we work on old homes, we recognize that the house already had a story, we are simply writing the sequel.  
What I don’t like: Honestly, I think I’m turned off by the “Q” in sequel. It just makes the word seem sci-fi to me and I am not a fan of science fiction. 
And finally, we have Epilogue.
(try to look past the logo on this one. This is the only one I did not pay $5 to have professionally designed on  If it is selected I will invest the $5 to spice it up)

What I like: First, I just love the word- epilogue. It has a certain coolness about it. Kinda the same vibe as Anthropology, Serendipity, and Alter’d State. Oh, and how much do you love the definition Webster gives it:


noun  ep·i·logue \ˈe-pə-ˌlȯg, -ˌläg\
1. :  a concluding section that rounds out the design 
of a literary work

I also LOVE the fact that this name was the inspiration of one of my favorite people in the world- Krista Tapp.  Truly the second she said the word I was convinced that this, indeed, was the future name of the business.  I was so sure history was being made I had to mark the moment with a selfie:

I turned the selfie black and white because I clearly do not know how to take a selfie AND this was taken after a 7 hour road trip to Nashville and the color version of myself was downright scary.
This picture also shows another clear advantage to epilogue- it comes with it’s own gangsta hand signal!!  Look up there, Dave is flashing the Finger “E” for epilogue!!!
What I don’t like: Unlike storybook and sequel homes, I feel like epilogue is not self-explanatory; I almost feel like I would need a tag line to help explain the name. 
I also fear I am not cool enough to represent such a hip name as epilogue- I mean, hello?!?! I admitted to the world wide web that houses tell me stories. Plus, doesn’t the fact that I’m nervous a literary term is too cool for me prove just how uncool I am? 
And last, sadly, moments after I got excited over the “E” finger sign. I realized that I will never be able to return the sign for alas, I was born without a right ring finger.  Yep, it’s true, the most I could ever give back is an F.  I’d show you, but remember me and selfies don’t mix plus I’m writing in my PJs.
So there they are folks. Do you have a favorite? My 12-year-old is the one who gave me the idea to let you decide the fate of our business name, and he set up this smart little interactive poll to make it easy for you.  He even made a slot where you could offer your own ideas for our name.  I would be soooo grateful if you would take just a second to let me know your favorite.  I’m hoping to have the winning name stuck in the yard by the March 12th Donaghey Open House.  Thanks so much for reading and even more for voting!

2 thoughts on “Please help!

  1. GG says:

    I like Sequel Homes, but do not like the logo. A house design like on Storybook or Epilogue and a simple BOLD font would look better. Can't wait to visit the Donaghey home, have been passing by to watch the progress. Looks GREAT. GG


  2. Unknown says:

    I completely agree with GG above!Sequel is self explanatory. But it needs a simple logo.I DO like sci fi, but I don't get the sci fi vibe from the name.I love driving by the Donaghey house. I have this secret hope that when my dad finally retires I can convince my parents to move to Conway….and into one of your amazing works of art 🙂


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