Tales from the Pit

Last I left you, the Donaghey project had two costly hits before the ink on the real estate contract had time to dry leaving our rehome renovators at a stalemate as to what to do with their newest investment. Rory’s vote was to get the house in good mechanical order with no decorative frills and then rent her out so that 20 years from now they could recoup their investment. But Niki could not bare the thought of not seeing the renovation thru to it’s full potential. So they had to get creative on a solution.

Ok, I’m getting on my own nerves with this 3rd person narrative… leaving it now.  

Here’s the dilemma: Real Estate Comps in the area set the max price we can charge for a finished product based on the price per square footage, so just because we spend more doesn’t mean we can charge more.  The only way we can increase our price tag, to possibly cover our expenses, is toooooo………increase the square footage!!  Yep, rehome is adding on!  

New construction is unchartered territory for this rehome gang so we are both excited and terrified of this new adventure.

Rather then trying to squeeze a second bathroom into the current 2 bed/1 bath footprint we are busting out the back wall and giving the new homeowner… a BRAND NEW MASTER SUITE! (please read that last part like it was just announced on the “Price is Right”). That’s right, some lucky homeowner is going to get a brand new master bedroom with walk-in closet and a new master bathroom complete with double sink vanity, oversized shower, separate soaker tub, and closed off potty area.  

If you have driven by the property over the last 2 weeks you can see that the addition is well underway but there have been at least 2 months worth of bumps, curveballs, and drama along the way to get us to where we are now. I’m not going to tell you those stores because quite frankly I like to write about happy things not things that make me want to hide in my closet and cry. But I tell you what I’ll do for ya… I’ll drop a few pictures here for those with morbid inquiring minds just to give you an idea of what might have caused (is causing) my heart palpitations, sleepless nights, and a few new wrinkles.  

How’s that for Open Concept?!?

View out to the slab for new addition.

Um, where did the floor go?

Earthy Bedroom

Honestly, although the place looks like it was hit by a bomb, those pictures show real progress.  My framing crew, led by Ron Wood and his posse took me at my word when I told them I wanted every inch of rot replaced and the place standing firm.  I think every floor joist has been replaced and at least a quarter of the walls (think episode of “Good Bones”). They worked for days to get the place level and I feel confident this new foundation will last at least another 100 years.  Even my termite man said he was impressed with the work this crew did.  Now the only reason I am loosing sleep is because I have not received the final bill (cue the emojicon where the face looks terrified).

In the midst of all the chaos we did receive some most excellent news.  We have someone who has expressed a sincere interest in adopting this home upon completion.  I can’t tell you what a boost this was to our psyche.  Just about the time I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat someone stepped in and unknowingly said “I believe in you, you can do this.” Despite the current state of the home, this person has faith that we can turn it into his dream home.  THAT, my friends, is what is getting me out of bed in the mornings and fueling this mission.  We CAN NOT and WILL NOT let him down.  

Happier times ahead…

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