Reveal Day!

Today is the day! REVEAL DAY!! At 2pm this afternoon (13 hours from the time I am writing this blog) I will be showing Ms. C. the completed Ash Street rehome and quite possibly her future home.  I could not be more excited… I’m talking Christmas Day level excitement here folks.  I was really tempted to ask Ms. C. to wear a blindfold to the reveal for a more dramatic unveiling but so far I have refrained.  
I can not wait to show ya’ll before and after pictures of this rehome but I am going to hold off posting any pictures of the house until after Ms. C. sees it.  But I did want to take just a little blog space to thank my staging team.  I had already told you about Donna from WaterHouse Market joining me on this rehome, and boy, she did not disappoint. Not only did she bring some fabulous furniture pieces but also a ton of unique and fun accessories to complement the design of the home. She and her design assistant, Emily, worked tirelessly all afternoon helping me put the finishing touches on this rehome and I could not be more grateful.  
But the real reason I wanted to write a blog at 1 am in the morning, when I still have 2 more pillows to sew and an address plaque to make before going to bed, is to introduce the other starring member of my staging dream team- Mrs. Sarah Henry of Re deemed Home Goods. Ya’ll, she is a real live ARTIST! and I somehow convinced her to do some custom art pieces just for this rehome!! You are going to die when you see what she did- SOOOO precious! But, of course, I can’t show you now because then what would be the purpose of the blindfold that I have not 100% ruled out.  So instead I’m just going to drop a sampling of her work on this blog so you can get a taste of how good she is while I tell you a little more about Sarah and Re deemed Home Goods.
I have only personally known Sarah for a couple of months but I have been an admirer of her work for several years.  Sarah and her family recently moved to Conway from Little Rock when her husband became the new associate pastor at 2nd Baptist Church.  My friend Stacy, who has 2 beautiful custom RHG pieces in her home introduced me to Sarah shortly after their move.  

When I got the idea that custom art would be a fun touch to add to this rehome, I was too nervous to ask Sarah myself, mainly because I knew she was super sweet and probably too nice to tell me no and I didn’t want to put her on the spot; so I asked Stacy to feel her out to see if she might be interested.  
Well, obviously from the subject matter of this post you have successfully deducted that her answer was positive. So with the go-ahead from Stacy, I got greedy and asked for not 1, not 2, but 3 custom RHG pieces!

I gave her a quick walk thru of the house a couple of weeks ago to give her an idea of the color and design esthetic of the home and made 1 wording request but otherwise gave her free reign on what to create.  I knew I had a friend for life when she asked if she could dig thru our lumber pile to find some reclaimed pieces to use as her canvas for the project.

Ya’ll can I just tell you, she NAILED IT! She brought the art to the rehome today and it exceeded my expectations and set the mood of the entire home.  I dare you not to smile when you see it!  I think I’ll keep a key to this rehome and just let myself in when I’m having a bad day to cheer myself up (jk Ms C., winky face). AND not only did she bring me my 3 requested pieces she threw in a 4th little cutie just for fun.

Aaaand if that was not enough I also roped her into doing some unbelievable chalkboard writing/art for me.  Oh my, it just might be my favorite thing of all!  

 She did all this to help make this rehome extra special after only meeting me just 2 short months ago!  And if that wasn’t sweet enough, tonight she brought me coffee and helped me iron and hang curtains until after 10pm.

It was during our working time I got to learn more about Sarah and her heart behind Re deemed Home Goods.  Not only does she create unique, handcrafted pieces from reclaimed and new material for her clients, she also contributes a portion of each purchase to help organizations who fight for justice for women and children both locally and globally.  

Basically, Sarah is one of the coolest person’s I have ever met! And while some might believe God brought the Henrys to Conway to serve Second Baptist Church, I can’t help but believe HIS real mission was to bring Sarah and RHG into my life!
If you like what you are seeing here, you can also shop Re deemed Home Goods at the Kitchen Store here in Conway and at Reinvented Vintage in Little Rock.  Also, assuming Ms C does not want to purchase all of the furniture, accessories, and art of this fully staged and ready to reveal rehome then you will have the opportunity to shop the goodies next Sunday, October 30th, from 1-4 pm at the Ash Street rehome.  And if Ms C. decides that Ash is not the home for her, then next Sunday would also be a great time to tour the home for yourself!  Just sayin….
Ok this girl is tired.  I think I’m going to have to give up on the pillows and hit the sack.  I hope this post made sense, all the words started running together.  Thank goodness for the pretty pictures.  Less than 11.5 hours to go…..

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