New Rehome Started

Honestly my plan was to let yet another WWYWW pass by without checking in because I am just flat out pooped from today’s activities, BUT tonight I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years and she told me that she reads my blog- SHE READS MY BLOG! So now I feel duty bound to write something because I CAN NOT, I WILL NOT let my fan down. I do realize that I am making a bold jump to claim her as a “fan” from the simple statement “I read your blog”.  For all I know she is one of those grammar junkies who get high on finding grammatical errors in all things written and she knows that my posts are a goldmine- I can perform a run on sentence like no one’s business and my improper or overuse of exclamation marks, parenthesis, and my favorite the dash are truly noteworthy and don’t even get me started on then/than or effect/affect. But regardless if she reads it as a fan or as the punctuation police I am honored and happy to jot something down for her.  So on with the updates.
In Chronological order from last I left you:
– Lee Street house is sold and closed! I have big plans to write a farewell post to Lee because I want to brag on all the subcontractors who worked so hard to make this rehome the smoothest to date (I only cried once) and to tell you a few more stories about the house- but it will be a lengthy post, so I’ll save it for another week.
– Before we left for our family vacation I was able to get inside our next project and draft out the current floorplan so that I could study and draw out a new floorplan on our 10-hour car trip. I spent the first 4 hours trying to figure out a drafting app on the ipad so I could be all “Joanna Gaines like” and do a fancy virtual layout of the house, but I eventually gave up and went back to the trusty graph paper and pencil.  I could not figure out the design or layout for the kitchen or bathroom so I turned to my top design assistant, Pinterest, to look for inspiration.  My absolute favorite thing I found was an idea for the island/peninsula- and would you believe when we walked into our vacation rental home there was the exact island design I had pinned! AAAAND the bathroom from our rental was the exact dimensions of our rehome bathroom! Eureka!  My first thought was “oh my goodness, it is a sign that this is the design meant for our rehome.” My second thought was, “oh my goodness, I should totally write off this vacay as a business expense for market research.”
– This week we are back and the official work on the home has started.  We are meeting with all our subs to get their estimates and the foundation team has already moved in and out to make this 90-year-old house solid as a rock.  Today Rory and I kicked off the first official WWYWW of this rehome with demolition.  We took down ceiling tiles…
and busted thru walls.
It was during the busting down walls that we were introduced to the joys of lath and plaster.  Oh how I had longed for the shiplap we had been blessed with in EVERY OTHER old town Conway home we have worked on but alas that was not the case in this rehome.  Lath and Plaster (the skinny wood slats and wall surface in the picture above) makes for a much more timely and messy demo.  No kung fu karate kicks are going to work on these walls- it is heavy duty sledgehammer and pry bar all the way.
When we left for the day we were covered in plaster dust and I’ve got to admit a little disappointed in our progress.    
Now this should have been where this post ended, but my computer froze up on me Wednesday night and then Thursday I couldn’t figure out how to free up space on my computer to import new photos soooo you get a few more days worth of updates.
On Thursday I recruited the little men in my life to help. They were beyond thrilled (read with sarcasm).  I gave them an awe-inspiring speech on the way to the project house about the importance of developing a good work ethic and doing our best and working hard in all that we do and how sometimes in life you will be asked to do things on the job that you just don’t want to do but to have a good attitude and to give your all no matter the task…. I was moved.  The little one was in time-out on the porch swing within 20 minutes of arriving on the job.  Sigh. 
Still can’t figure out how to get some pictures on this blog, and I know most of you only click on the blog to look at the pictures so I’ll just keep updating until my oldest son, and tech genius can figure out how to free up some space to allow for some new pictures.
Friday Rory graciously decided to join me again to help with demo.  He has requested to move our work-together-day from Wednesdays to Fridays but I’m unsure about the change because I can’t think of a good name for a Friday work day.  He came up with “get Freaky with your Female Friday” but I’m afraid the level of productivity will go way down with a catch phrase like that so for now I’m thinking we better stick with Work With Yo Woman Wednesdays.  Until then I promised that I would not turn down his help any day of the week.  
And finally, today, not only did my eldest get my photos working, we also had the whole family back at the project house for about 3 more hours of demo and clean up.  Everyone worked hard and had a good attitude and were paid in Chick Filet and Sonic drinks.  I’m thinking we will be ready to turn this house over to the framers by Thursday to start putting her back together.  
I have some more exciting news to share about this rehome, but I’ll save it for another day.  Hope you have a great day!

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