WWYWW- exterior

This was an exciting WWYWW! We have finally moved from demo mode to put-back-together mode- cue the Hallelujah chorus.
Since I last left this blog the interior has been painted white with new sheetrock (key to making any old home look brand new if you ask me), and Marcos worked his magic and put down new solid wood floors throughout the entire main living area and kitchen.  So no more unintentional holes in the ceilings or craters in the floor.  Here’s a few before and after shots of this progress:


Now back to WWYWW…. Rory and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine today while we worked on adding some character to the exterior.  We had previously torn down the carport lattice so today we replaced it with some more modern horizontal cedar slats.

Here’s another view:

This view also shows off the new front entry/door AND the new deck-in-progress courtesy of J and J Construction.  The old front door and entry led into what is now the 4th bedroom.  We kinda figured the occupant of bedroom number 4 would not appreciate people entering and exiting the house thru their room; sooo we moved the entry to the front of the house where the old breakfast nook was previously located.  See diagram below:
ALSO if you reference back up 2 pictures you will see 2 gentlemen in the photo.  Those men are part of my favorite rehome team- the PAINT CREW! It is always exciting to see them on the job site because it signals we are nearing the end of a project, in this case, it means we are getting close to wrapping up the exterior.  Soooo with that being said, this is the last time I’m going to show you the exterior until it’s ready to list- because who doesn’t love a dramatic reveal?!?! (Humor me, I realize “dramatic” might be a little, well…dramatic, to describe a rehome reveal but in my fantasy world there are people out there that have a weekly countdown to the next WWYWW post and who are anticipating the final reveal like Christmas day. When in reality it would be a miracle if anyone actually read to the end of this post.)
Check in with ya next week!

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