Not gonna lie, this post is not going to be that exciting.  The before and after pics from today’s Work With Yo Woman Wednesday (WWYWW) will remind you of the “spot the difference” puzzels you did in grade school where you had to find 10 things that were different between 2 seemingly identical pictures.  Don’t get me wrong we worked hard.  In fact, the amount of ibuprofen I will take tomorrow morning will be a much better reflection of today’s productivity than the pictures.  But regardless, I promised you a weekly WWYWW progress report so here ya go:
Today we worked on the exterior.  It’s a jungle out there:
We spent the first half of our day clearing out some of the brush that has grown up in the back yard.  I truly believe, at one time, a long LONG long time ago, someone with a green thumb lived here because there are buried gardens spread out all over this backyard.  Rory got to use his chainsaw so he had a good time.  My job was to haul his choppings to the road so I had a good workout (13,372 fitbit steps- just saying).
Here is the “after pile” of limbs that are now sitting at the curb:
Ok, now here is the “spot the difference” pictures of where we cleaned out most of the brush:
Admittingly, there is so much more to go but we are going to have to get a tractor in there to get the rest out.  
After Lunch Rory worked on taking down the lattice and stripping the columns down to the posts:
Meanwhile, I demoed some nasty shelves and cabinetry from the workshop.  No before pictures, just use your imagination of what this space would have looked like with nasty shelves and cabinetry.  
But wait, did you catch that?! Nastiness aside, how exciting is it that this property comes with a HUGE workshop?!?!  Seriously, I would LOVE to have this shop in my backyard.  Aaaand this shop just got a brand new architectural shingled roof last week.  Woop Woop.
So again, not the most exciting WWYWW from a viewers standpoint but it was a productive day. And if the pictures don’t do the productivity justice maybe the dumpster will.  It was nearly empty when we started today.
Did I seriously just post a picture of our trash? These posts can only go up from here.
On another note.
Our Irby rehome got a new price tag today.
New Price: $184,900

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