Welcome to the first EVER Work With Yo Woman Wednesday post!  What is WWYWW you ask.  Well, it is the one day each week that Rory (the Yo) works with me (the woman) at the project house.  It’s my favorite day of the week.  I even made up a little song/chant/cheer to commemorate the day that I perform at the start of each WWYWW to help pump us up.  So far Rory has refused to join in on my little diddy but I know it’s just a matter of time before I wear him down.  I’d show you, but I don’t think your quite ready for it yet.  

Most of the projects we have planned for our rehomes we leave to the professionals but there are always a few special details we like to do ourselves.  Sooooo I thought it might be fun if I posted a few pics each week of what we did on WWYWW.  

Right now we are at the start of a new rehome.  This is my absolute FAVORITE time of any project because:
1) I get to reimagine and redesign the space.  I love love love taking an outdated and/or awkward floorplan and reworking it to make it more functional and modern.  
2) I haven’t blown the budget…..yet.  At this point in every project I feel very confident that this is  going to be it! This is going to be the home that I finally come in on budget and take this company from a hobby to a legitimate money making business.  
3) It’s DEMO TIME!  Ya’ll, I’m not going to lie to you- It’s fun!  I mean, it’s nasty, hard, NEVER ENDING work but there is something therapeutic about knocking down walls and busting out cabinets.  

So that you can fully appreciate the progress we have made on our first few WWYWW weeks on your future dream home I’ll start with the before shots.

Up first the kitchen:

 Dining Space: 

Powder bath in the kitchen:

View into kitchen from living room:

And now….
Notice the potty is gone (hence the crater in the middle of the floor) and the wall separating the kitchen from living area is no more.  

The new wall that sprouted from the old dining room will now serve to separate the kitchen from the new entry.  That’ll make more sense in the weeks to come.  

Here is the view from the kitchen into the living space.  See that framed wall to the left? That, my friends, is the new 4th bedroom!!  I have had several families request a 4 bedroom home so we figured out a way to deliver on this rehome.  

Here is your master retreat:

So thoughtful of the previous tenant to leave the air freshener.  If you closed your eyes in the space it was like you were transported to your own private island.

And now…

We are replacing over 3/4th of the homes ceilings with new drywall because of water damage from a leaky roof but we had good ol’ Travis take care of that demolition- Bless Him!

My job was to pull all the drywall nails out of the rafters.

I’m giving you a great big smile under that mask.

Meanwhile, Rory ripped out trim and paneling in the kitchen:

Here is a fun rehome fact: Every single rehome we have worked on has had at least one room with faux wood paneling.  

Outside of WWYWW demolititon this rehome has been making some serious progress.  This home has a brand new roof and new HVAC system, and all the rough-ins for plumbing and electric are just about knocked out.  And when you see “all new electric” on the zillow listing, it means ALL NEW electric.  Not a single wire was salvaged in this place.  This house meets every code from Conway to California.  We are trying out a new electrical team, Double J Electric, on this project and let me tell you so far we have been more than impressed.  They even let me snap a picture while they worked.

So there you have it.  You are now up to date.  Next week we turn the house over to J and J construction to start hanging drywall and putting this baby back together.  So while J and J are working on the inside Rory and I will focus our WWYWW on some exterior projects.  See you next week!

One thought on “WWYWW

  1. Leah says:

    Wow great work! I love the pics. Especially love the sweet vinyl in the kitchen. This place is going to be amazing when you're done! Great job on the blog.


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