The results are in….

I apologize for being so slow to report the results of the recent (well not so recent anymore) Flea Market Flip.  I’m sure ALL/some/1? of you have been sitting by your computer screens for weeks just waiting to hear the news. Well here it is….. Team Thompson…… LOST.  But only officially- REALLY, I feel like a winner- and that’s all that counts anyway….right?!?  While Team Sewell successfully sold all 3 of their items for a great profit, my team sold all but my favorite piece- the tufted ottoman. 

Now I’ll be the first to admit I had this baby priced a little high but I think, subconsciously, I never really wanted to sell her because I knew how much Sister would LOVE and appreciate her.  This thought became more evident to me by the twelfth time I overheard a shopper declare “Oh what a cute dog bed.”  A DOG BED!!! Are you kidding me!!! Who in their right mind would allow a dog to sit on a cream linen TUFTED bed! It hurt my heart to think this O.T.T.O.M.A.N. I had so painstakingly birthed could be ripped to shreds in a mater of seconds by some spoiled Fido (I mean really, who would spend $225 for a DOG BED!?!).  So needless to say I was relieved when the final minutes of the Flea Market Flip ticked away and I knew she was safely going home to me and Sister.  

Overall both teams had a very successful event.  Here are the before and after pics of our booths:
Team Thompson
And the After

Update: Since the event the lockers, desk, and 123 headboard have sold!

Team Sewell
And the After

 Update: Since the event the vanity has sold and the few items left can be found at the Rusty Gold Antiques and Flea Market in Vilonia.  Angela has also recently started a facebook page “The Tatty Chic Cottage” where you can follow her adventures in restoring, upcycling, and repurposing furniture.  
While it was very rewarding to watch our handiwork being appreciated and purchased by the shoppers I would have to say all the hard work was worth it just to get to hang out with these folks:

From Left to right: Team Thompson, Rory and Me, The Bentons of Waterhouse Market, Joey and Donna and Team Sewell, Angela and Matt.  
Oh my goodness I had a permagrin on my face the whole weekend!!
And after our space was cleaned up and cleared out I was able to find a new home for a few of my leftover items with Sister: 


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