Two Story Sister

The Lord knew what he was doing when he blessed me with two boys but I gotta admit there is a BIG part of me that longs to dress up a little girl in head to toe pink complete with a ginormous bow taped to her precious head…. sigh.  But alas, I could not talk the hubby into going for baby number 3 so I have had to accept that I will never shop at Justice or visit the American Doll store (double sigh), a fact that I struggled with UNTIL one day it hit me……… I could use the energy and money I would have used to doll up a little girl to dress up my HOUSE!!! Genius!! Now granted, I still worry about who will shop with me on Black Friday and who will take me in when I am old and decrepit, but otherwise, this new mindset has brought me much peace.  
Now the boys do think it is a little weird that I refer to our home as Sister but just think about the many advantages this plan offers:

  • Sister won’t have an opinion about how I dress her.
  • Sister won’t talk back.
  • Sister won’t argue with her brothers.
  • Sister won’t be dating.
  • Sister won’t miss her curfew
  • Sister will always welcome me no matter the time of the month.
Just to name a few.
So let me introduce you to the entire family

My two boys and husband

 and the star of this blog- Sister
(and just like a third child, I could only find this one picture of Sister at Christmas 3 years ago)

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